About us

At 4tun8 investments, we have always believed that Cardano would be at the forefront of the crypto currency revolution. To team 4tun8, Cardano represents an opportunity for each individual in the community to be heard with a real voice and a real vote. We also believe that 4tun8 as a stake pool is a way for us to contribute to a bigger cause than ourselves.

We have assembled a team of experts in various fields to create a stake pool with what we believe to be the best configuration for staking and securing the network. Beginning with 4tun8-1, our first stake pool, our goal is to create one of  the most efficient and responsive stake pool in the community. As we continue to learn the intricacies of the Cardano platform, we will use those lessons to improve 4tun8-1 and build new stake pools as needed to support our community.

Our long term goal parallels Cardano's goal to allow "change makers, innovators, and visionaries" to bring about positive global change. We aim to be those change makers, a group with a voice. We need real people who want to make a difference to join us.